how to improve hotel booking with hotel API

How to Improve Your Online Booking System with Hotels API?

Online bookings earn around 63% of the tour and travel industry’s revenue yearly. Automating reservation methods with a good hotel booking system decreases the chance of human errors and troubles in business. An excellent hotel booking system will let you efficiently handle online bookings. Hotel APIs integration delivers online booking systems that are open and customizable to provide to their particular business requirements. Moreover, having a smooth hotel API in place helps hoteliers deliver a more involuntary reservation experience to visitors.

Here we’ll help you to Improve Your Online Booking System with Hotels API.

8 Ways To Improve Your Online Hotel Booking System With API

Hotel Aggregators APIs can be a game changer for your hotel. Let’s see the top 8 ways of improving your online hotel booking system with APIs.

1. Promotions and Discounts

When you think about building revenue and keeping your customers pleased, a good approach to take would be by giving the latest promo codes and discounts.

A hotel rate shopping tool for price comparison helps you to track hotel prices.

Thus, it gives you the opportunity to produce discounts that your customers would love.

Furthermore, keeping a bird’s eye on your competitors, leverage you to modify the promo codes as well as discounts to steal the bookings from your competitors.

The discounts will be for everyone whether the client is a trustworthy customer, if it’s a business reservation or travel go-between reservation, or even according to the festivals, season, early-bird, or else eleventh-hour prices.

2. Online Hotel Reservation System

A reliable API for reservation systems requires to have an accessible interface that serves both customers and the team.

A helpful calendar front-desk view will be a great support to make the booking method more manageable. The Hotel management software will require to have either a javascript or a plugin that can drive into your hotel’s site. Or else, it should be prepared to forward guests to an online micro-website or portal from which they can make their bookings.

The reservation engine should give your visitors all the data that they may look for including packages, prices, add-ons, room types, inclusions, and other essential details, without them having to scroll through your website.

An ideal booking system similar to the one given with enables you to blend with your site as well as the social media pages of your hotel. Additionally, through our hotel API, you can modify your own online booking system.

3. Review and Feedback Management

Reviews and feedbacks are tremendously significant to your hotel’s status and business. They are one of the greatest marketing instruments your hotel can have to increase the hotel occupancy rate. As per SiteMinder, 81% of vacationers choose to check feedback or reviews before reserving a hotel, and around 91% of youngsters prefer reviews as personal suggestions from family or friends.

As a part of the hotel business, you should request your visitors to review your hotel online. Make it a job to involve with the feedback by responding to them. This delivers a superior experience to your visitors as they feel recognized and valued.

A capable hotel reservation system allows you to both record your visitors’ responses and reply to the review that has been given. Honest and quick responses to reviews can possibly transform visitors into trustworthy clients.

4. Pay Online Integration

Combining a pay online option with your hotel booking system would not only make it comfortable for visitors to make bookings but also support you reach your reservation or cancellation policy needs.

Financials handled through bookings done online should also mechanically be verified in back-end monetarist statements. Asking guests to do online payment supports following the basic social distancing criteria.

5. Automatic Communication

In the service industry automation of communication has become a need. Visitors want an entire confirmation mail after booking a room.

Confirmation emails should be customizable as per the hotel’s brand image and status. For instance, you should be able to give suggestions for touring, information about regional festivities, and hidden gems, if needed.

Your hotel booking system should also help with the scheduling and formatting of these messages.

6. Central Booking System

Tourists choose to make bookings from various channels- web travel agents (OTAs), online hotel booking engines, and the front desk. Handling these bookings can be complex and mistakes like twice reservations, overbooking, or neglecting to confirm the booking of a customer can point to bad impact and difficulty in business growth.

Having a convenient booking arrangement for hotels that are connected to a channel manager will support you to handle these errors immediately. Your channel handler and hotel booking system are integrated to give you on-time updates of room availability and rates of these rooms over all your reservation channels.

A central reservation system helps hoteliers grow staff productivity as inventory and prices can be refreshed from one program. Quick updates mean that customers get specifically what they check.

7. Strong Reporting System

Data plays a vital part in managing a business’s objectives. Having the correct information can benefit you optimize business performance and give your customers a more customized experience.

Hotel booking software combined with a strong reporting system is a must-have to improve your business and make smoother decisions.

8. Languages and Currencies

Your hotel booking software should enable customers to get bookings in their chosen language and currency. Customers making bookings in a different language should also get email proof in the same language they preferred. This simple highlight can improve the customer experience and raise reservations with your hotel from over the world.

Catering to several currencies is also very significant. You want to target more global visitors, and a lot of your clients will be travelers. An excellent booking engine will be able to automatically set the language and currency choices based on the IP address.

Wrapping Up: 

To remain in this ambitious business, each tour company and hotel should use hotel API integration. It not only assists to build the business but also helps to manage and coordinate the services they are giving to give the clients the most satisfying experience. I hope you find our blog helpful if you’re looking forward to reading more technology posts like this or sharing your tech knowledge with the wider audience, submit your amazing post on this modern technology blog.

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