How to increase hotel occupancy in low season

How To Increase Hotel Occupancy In Low Season

Hey there, fellow hotelier!

Let’s face it, the off-season in the hotel industry can be a tough nut to crack. 

Seeing those empty rooms and a deserted lobby can be disheartening. But guess what? 

The low occupancy phase isn’t a never-ending tunnel.

In fact, it’s a golden opportunity to innovate and implement new ideas and strategies to increase your hotel revenue in the low season.

Sounds good?

Read ahead to make it happen!

Before we dive into the solution, let’s look at the problem – Off Season in the hotel industry

Reasons of Off-Season in the Hotel Industry

The importance of occupancy in a hotel is undeniable. Occupancy rates are essentially the heartbeats of the hotel industry which is directly linked to the financial health of the business. When occupancy is high, revenue streams flow; during a low occupancy phase, not so much.

The off-season often sees a slump in occupancy due to reasons ranging from unfavorable weather to a drop in tourism, or even global situations (Pandemic, anyone?). This leads to a decrease in demand during the low period, hitting the hotel’s revenue hard.

Now, it’s time to learn how to turn that around.

7 Ways To Increase Hotel Occupancy In Off-season

1. Offer Better Pricing and Deals

Offering better pricing and deals during the off-season isn’t just a strategy, but it’s a wish fulfillment for many customers. You see, irresistible deals wake up the bargain hunter in all of us, making it oh-so-hard to resist.

To navigate this landscape effectively, you need the right tool, and that’s where Makcorps Hotel Price API steps in.

This tool offers real hotel price comparison data from over 200 OTAs, along with historical hotel rate data.  

Which allows you to strategically create pricing forecasts for the low season. Pretty cool, huh?

But don’t just take our word for it.

Read about a case study in this research article, which discusses how a strategic pricing strategy during the off-season significantly increased occupancy rates.

If you’re looking for a tool that helps you set the right competitive pricing, check out how Makcorps Hotel API can you in the video below.

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2. Customer Segmentation and Geo-specific Targeting

Another trick for attracting more guests in the off-season is targeting new customer segments and incorporating geo-specific targeting. Think about it. If your usual guests are not walking in, it’s time to roll out the red carpet for new ones. This means identifying different age groups or demographics that could be interested in your services.

For instance, if your hotel is near the beach and usually caters to families during the summer, why not target surfers or remote workers during the off-season? Geo-specific targeting allows you to focus on locals or individuals from regions where it’s currently their vacation season. Remember, your hotel is always in season for someone out there.

3. An Engaging Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is a potent tool during the low season. A well-executed dynamic marketing drive can amplify your visibility, attract guests, and even convert website traffic into actual guests.

Consider collaborations with influencers, hosting virtual tours, or running targeted ads aimed at your new customer segments. Remember, the objective is to maximize the reach of your digital marketing campaigns and create a buzz around your hotel.

4. Not Just Focus On Guests

Your hotel could be the go-to spot for events and gatherings, even during the off-season. From corporate retreats to weddings, there’s a multitude of opportunities to increase demand during the low period.

It’s not just about serving groups of guests. Your facilities – think restaurant, spa, and conference rooms – can also cater to non-guests, adding to your revenue stream.

5. Fine-tuning Operations and Processes

Getting your hotel ready for the low season isn’t just about drawing in guests. It’s also an ideal time to fine-tune operations and processes.

Assess your existing workflows, identify areas of improvement, and implement changes. This could range from staff training to revamping your booking system.

After all, providing a seamless guest experience can go a long way in boosting your hotel’s occupancy rate.

6. Leverage Local Events and Festivals

Think about the events and festivals that take place in your city during the off-season.

Partner with these events and offer special packages to the attendees. It’s a win-win – the event gets more attendees and your hotel gets more guests.

7. Implement a Loyalty Program

Reward your repeat customers with a loyalty program. Providing perks like free upgrades, late check-outs, or even a free night can encourage guests to return during the low season.

It’s a gesture that says “We appreciate you” and who doesn’t love to feel appreciated?


In the end, a low occupancy phase doesn’t have to be a downer. With the right strategies, you can attract guests and enhance your hotel revenue during the off-season.

Whether it’s by providing better rates and deals through dynamic pricing or targeting new customer segments, the sky is the limit. It’s all about being innovative, proactive, and adaptive to the evolving market dynamics.

So, suit up, get your strategy in order, and let’s transform the low season into a high-opportunity period. After all, in the hotel industry, there’s no off-season, just untapped opportunities!

So, the next time you’re gazing at an empty lobby, remember – How to increase hotel occupancy in low season isn’t a riddle. It’s a strategy, and you’ve got the playbook.

Now, get out there and score some bookings!

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