Sabre APIs Alternatives

6 Sabre APIs Alternatives & Competitors

Why limit yourself to what’s familiar?

Whether you’re searching for the exact services that Sabre APIs provide or seeking change that is more economical or better suited to your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Change can sometimes bring additional flexibility, diversity, or a unique user experience.

So, let’s explore some Sabre alternatives that could be a perfect match for your travel tech requirements.

6 Sabre APIs Alternatives & Competitors To Try 

1. Makcorps Hotel API


Makcorps Hotel Price API revolutionizes your approach with real-time hotel prices sourced from 200+ OTAs globally in just one GET request.

This tool empowers you to stay ahead by monitoring niche websites, allowing strategic pricing decisions, and timely discounts which results in a boost in bookings. The Hotel Price Comparison API provides up-to-date data in JSON format to ensure accuracy. To know more about how it works, check out the API documentation.

Why You Should Go For It:

Makcorps Hotel API is your key to staying ahead in the market. With the ability to access real-time pricing from a vast array of OTAs, you can dynamically adjust your pricing strategy for ultimate competitiveness.

You can leverage this hotel price API to generate discounts strategically that can entice your visitors with lower prices and boost your bookings.

With straightforward subscription plans, including a 30-day free trial, Makcorps Hotel API provides flexibility and affordability.

Whether you’re a startup or an established player, this API offers a seamless solution to keep your hotel business thriving.

If you want to stay competitive and make informed pricing decisions with the latest data, all are consolidated effortlessly with this API.

2. FlightAPI


FlightAPI offers flight pricing & schedule API designed to empower your endeavors.

The Flight Price API ensures effortless price comparison for one-way, round, and multi-city trips which allow you to select your preferred currency and deliver results with impressive speed.

For precise and interactive flight details, We have a dedicated API for tracking departure and arrival time that provides accurate information, along with other crucial data. Plus, it also seamlessly accepting IATA codes to cater to your specific needs.

Plus, you can also delight your portal visitors with the Airport Schedule API that provides you with a rich dataset for details spanning the last two to three days in advance for enhancing your overall user experience. To gain a thorough understanding of how this API operates and the data format, take a look at these FlightAPI documentation for a detailed overview.

Why Should You Go For It:

FlightAPI is a testament to excellence, proudly serving over 8000 clients with a track record that speaks for itself.

The integration process is not just swift but impressively adaptable which requires just a single GET request for JSON data.

It sources data from airline industry and airline authority to ensure a perfect blend of fresh and accurate data.

With this API you can get data from real-time flight schedules to finely tuned niche market optimizati, all available at budget-friendly prices.

As a cherry on top, FlightAPI sweetens the deal with 50 free API calls for new users. So, get ready to elevate your travel tech experience with FlightAPI.

3. Amadeus API


Amadeus redefines travel solutions with its Flight and Hotel APIs that integrates seamlessly.

Their Flight API provides a gateway to a complete air travel experience to encompass global airline and airport details.

Plus, they have an API for hotel that has access to rich portfolio portfolio of over 150,000 hotels which makes it a detailed Self-Service Hotel APIs package.

You can explore flights, airlines, and airports alongside a vast array of accommodation options, all within the unified framework of Amadeus APIs.

Why Should You Give it a Try:

Amadeus has been in this industry for more than 3 decades, hence they are hightly preferred.

Instead, it is a seasoned professional with decades of experience in the field. It has become a preferred choice for travel tech developers, just like a trusted brand that everyone relies on.

With an impressive track record of providing high-quality services and a wealth of travel-related information, Amadeus has gained recognition as a dependable travel tech giant. To explore Amadeus Alternatives click here.

4. Expedia Partners Solution API


Explore a dynamic hotel booking experience tailored to your needs with Expedia Partner Solutions API.

Introducing EPS Rapid, a swift and customizable API that empowers you to oversee hotel bookings from shopping to payment.

This hotel API provider helps you to connects to over 700,000 accommodations with rich content, competitive rates, and intelligent geography definitions to ensure your users find what they’re looking for effortlessly.

In addition to that, with an extensive array of property categories, 13 million images, and over 75 million traveler ratings, EPS API optimizes the booking journey for conversions.

Why Should You Give it a Try:

If you are looking for a flexible and customizable API for your business needs, EPS rapid API is the perfect solution!

The architecture of this API is modular and can be easily integrated into your system. You can explore the EPS developer site, which offers a comprehensive documentation and reference materials to help you get started.

Moreover, Expedia is committed to supporting its partners beyond just integration. They offer long-term optimization strategies to help you foster business growth.

So, if you are looking for a reliable partner, look no further than EPS rapid API!

5. API

Offerings:’s API, known as Tequila, is a versatile platform designed to unlock the full potential of travel technology.

With just a few clicks, Tequila provides self-service access to’s robust offerings, such as a gateway to collaboration for affiliation, monetization, or retailing content under your brand.

Additionally, you can access’s unparalleled transportation content database that include featuring over 6 billion flight routes from 750 carriers, including 250 low-cost airlines.

The APIs available mirror those used by for its operations ensures a comprehensive and continually improving travel solution. adopts a straightforward CPA-based business model, promoting transparency in pricing for a hassle-free partnership.

Why You Should Choose This:

By partnering with, you will get the opportunity to take charge of your customer journey and benefit from their efficient operations, advanced tools, and automated processes.’s state-of-the-art technology and services enable you to access industry-leading customer support and guarantees to ensure that you get the best possible experience.

With’s Tequila, transportation content sourcing becomes a breeze to make your business journey hassle-free and successful.

6. Skyscanner API


Unleash the power of travel search with Skyscanner’s Travel API which empowers you to craft a personalized travel search experience for your audience.

Integrated seamlessly, this API taps into Skyscanner’s technological prowess and harnesses content from its extensive network of 1,200+ partners.

The Travel API provides access to global content, competitive airfares, and a comprehensive solution with data and legal requirements taken care of.

With dedicated account management, engineering support, and a resource hub, you can navigate the travel landscape effortlessly and earn commission through qualified actions on travel providers’ sites.

Why You Should Choose This:

Skyscanner’s API provides a wealth of information and resources to assist developers in creating effective tools to help travelers find the best flight deals and increase revenue.

With its comprehensive developer documentation, you can easily integrate Skyscanner’s API into your application and offer your users a seamless booking experience.


Travel technology is undergoing radical transformations, making it imperative for businesses to explore alternatives to Sabre APIs for more effective and budget-friendly solutions. Diverse options open doors to discovering unique features, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

To make decision, factors such as API documentation, integration simplicity, and community support should be considered. Plus, you should choose API providers aligned with your distinct requirements to ensure smooth implementation and future scalability. 

So, check out all 6 alternatives to the Sabre API.

Sign up, give them a test run, and find the one that best suits your specific needs. It’s all about finding the right fit for you.

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