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Hotel Mapping


Hotel Mapping | Hotel Management Software
MakCorps Offers the world’s first real-time hotel mapping and Destinations mapping system. Hotels can be mapped between several suppliers using our Hotel mapping software. We supply Enjoyable integrated travel content from your suppliers with unique IDs for both destinations and hotels.


The Hotel mapping solution has been adapted to the needs of customer. Within just a few seconds, all the important data is made clear and a booking guaranteed. Frequent updating ensures an optimum overview while allowing for the synchronized provider of all inputs made into the system. Customers can therefore rest confirmed that the information presented is valid – regardless of the platform – making the software a real cutting-edge for the online booking of holiday apartments, guest houses and hotels. Hotel Mapping provides the perfect overview for all travel business. The Hotel Mapping system combines these advantages in one professional application that can be individually tailored to the unique specifications of each hotel business.

Unique IDs for both destinations and hotels

  • Hotels matching refer to joining into a single record, with a unique ID a hotel that exists in one or more supplier systems. For each matched hotel, we store also the hotel details (addresses, geocodes, descriptions, photos etc.).

  • Destinations matching refer to joining into a single record, with a unique ID a city that exists in one or more supplier solutions. When performing the destinations matching process, we take into account each country specified region segmentation (districts, regions, states etc.) and spelling alternatives. Besides cities matching, we perform also countries and nationalities matching.

  • We offer

  • A fully mapped database, with no duplicates:

    The data collected from the suppliers is modified using an advanced matching algorithm, assisted and verified through manual input, eradicating duplicates and creating unique IDs for both destinations and hotels.

  • Permanent updates and improvements:

    Our Hotel mapping tool includes also maintenance of the database, by performing regular updates and improvements. This means that all new getaways and hotels that appear in the suppliers systems and also the latest changes, will be offered in our platform. These new elements will be either merged to existing IDs or assigned to new IDs.

  • Optimized results and increased performance of the selling platform:

    Using our Hotel mapping service, the client will be able to search among unique results from several suppliers, sort out these results by price, star category etc. and easily find the best available price offer in its own selling interface (B2B or B2C).

  • Features

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    High-performance query resolution

    Database maintenance and enhancements

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    Best available price discounts

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    Reduced traffic and response time of the booking platform/ selling interface

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    Up to Date

    Generate Daily Arrival Report, Reservation Details Report, Cancellation Report, Billing Details Report, Inventory Report & Nationality Rate reports

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    Policy management

    Manage Policies - Payment policy, cancellation policy, tax policy, terms & Conditions & Property Policy

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    Built-in travel content from the suppliers.Reliable and accurate search results

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