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Hotel Extranet - The perfect tool to manage your own Hotel Inventory One Platform – Endless Flexibility


MakCorps Hotel Extranet System allows travel agents to upload their own contracted hotels and gives you access to the entire inventory management online system so you can input your own hotel data (description, allotments, rates, special offers, restrictions and more ). The Booking Extranet Admin is password protected, secured system for your contracted hotels to manage their sales, upload rates; view confirmed bookings & give special offers. It is developed for seamless online reservation, communication for online hotel booking business. The Hoteliers can configure their business and manage their complete inventory in the CRS. It allows setting up rooms, property facilities, etc. The central reservation system (CRS), is a computerized system that stores and distributes information of a hotel, resort or other lodging facilities. Our central reservation system revolves around storage and distribution of information concerning resorts, hotels and host of lodging services.


MakCorps Hotel CRS is mainly offers assistance for hoteliers to manage all of their online marketing and sales. where they can upload their rates & availabilities to be seen by all sales channels that are using a CRS. Our system enables you to take complete control of your hotel inventory and pricing structures and take advantage of the powerful sales and distribution channels across your network. Use of the MakCorps hotel extranet also enables hotel properties to manage inventory, rates, cut off dates and minimum night stays. The platform is compatible with leading channel management tools. This effortless system allows our hotel partners the ability to distribute inventory through the entire MakCorps Booking Extranet of websites. All hotels, regardless of size, category or location can be listed on your site. MakCorps Hotel Booking Extranet Admin is really simple and easy to use. Hotels can allocate a certain number of rooms to sell through you.


Stand Alone Web-Based System helps our clients manage their sales, upload and maintain price charts, booking confirmation and special deals. All resorts, despite area, category or address where it is set up can be registered on your website. Your client can reserve your hotel room either by visiting your website or by contacting extranet customer service. Hotels can manage room category, prices and the detail of their hotel outline, from details of amenities and conveniences to pictures.

Futureproof Reliability, technology investments are critical for travel businesses. Our solutions are engineered to not only provide an innovation platform compatible with the future of travel – but also deliver business impact today by optimizing performance. Whether through higher yield management, automating costly processes or enabling the next generation of user experience, our platforms are the smart investment.

High-Performance Platforms, high performance is necessary, not a nice-to-have, in a world where millions of bookings are made each day from billions of travel options. We are obsessed with the accuracy, scale, and speed critical to both travel businesses and their travelers. Our solutions are unrivaled in their ability to handle even extreme demands in reservation volume and complexity - all at minimum risk to businesses dependent on their technology.

Global Reach, as we rapidly expand our reach, we power and grow leading travel businesses across the region with the same unrivaled efficiency and dedication – ensuring business impact in today’s competitive world. At MakCorps, we work closely with carefully selected partners and industry bodies, cooperating in both tactical and strategic relationships to fully meet the needs of our customers.


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High-performance query resolution

Manage Rooms availability, number of rooms and dates available to book

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Easy to Use

Rates - Change Rates, Increase or reduce the rates day by day or a period of dates

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View all confirmed, Modified and Cancelled bookings

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Up to Date

Generate Daily Arrival Report, Reservation Details Report, Cancellation Report, Billing Details Report, Inventory Report & Nationality Rate reports

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Policy management

Manage Policies - Payment policy, cancellation policy, tax policy, terms & Conditions & Property Policy

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Add Unlimited Photos & small size video. (max 4mb each)

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