Hotel Channel Management API

Our API will provide you JSON data from more than 200 online travel agents in a single GET request. Using that you will be able to track your competitors and beat them in the hotel booking market.


Our Hotel Channel Manager API lets you connect your software application to our channel manager, thus allowing you to provide hotel channel management services to your existing customers.

Travel API

Travel APIs Advantages

Mobile first solutions to enable you to take advantage of the latest trends as they happen

Support Network - Dedicated Account Manager, Engineering support team and a developer hub with all the resources needed to integrate

Inspirational search features - combine our Travel APIs with your existing travel offering to complement your product range

Global content and coverage supporting your expansion to over 30 markets and languages and over 1,000 travel partners


property management software api

High-performance query resolution

Browse cache API allows broad search queries such as "What's the cheapest price from New York to anywhere, anytime in the next year?"

property management software api

Easy to Use

Supports a variety of geo formats, for easy integration with your existing geo-tagged pages

property management software api


First class technology from the team behind MakCorps Hotel search

property management software api


Developer resource area with online test harnesses, change logs, support and documentation

property management software api


Browse and Live prices feeds to support multiple development options

property management software api


RESTful API format, with JSON or XML responses available

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